Veterinary school admissions in the United Kingdom: attracting students to veterinary careers to meet the expanding needs of the profession and of global society
Attracting students into a career in global veterinary medicine will be an uphill task if effort is focused only on students already at veterinary school. Most existing students will have made their career choice at a young age, probably based on a perception of the profession as it may have existed decades ago. The challenge for veterinary schools in the United Kingdom is to attract a broader range of applicants to the veterinary degree courses: applicants who have made a positive choice to become veterinarians because of the opportunities a veterinary qualification can offer for work in areas such as public health, food safety, conservation and global disease control and prevention in an era of climate change. This requires proactive recruitment, with careers materials aimed at students who may not traditionally have been attracted to the profession. This article describes the work that is being undertaken to develop such materials and widen access to the profession.
Diversity – Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons – Student admissions – Student recruitment – Veterinary careers – Veterinary school.