The proceedings incorporate the texts in their entirety of the seven papers presented at the Seminar, excluding the Power Point presentations. These papers reflect the major new challenge we are facing and that will need to be addressed with the help of Governments, the veterinary education community and veterinary organisations: if current trends continue, it may not be possible to meet all of society’s demands on the profession in the future.

For example, the majority of young veterinarians now choose to work in an urban environment, a trend that is inevitably leading to a scarcity of veterinarians in rural areas. This worldwide phenomenon has to be addressed as a priority if we are to continue to ensure early detection and response to animal diseases, including zoonoses, as well as the health protection and surveillance of wildlife. There is also a need for greater involvement of the veterinary profession in food safety inspection, research and administration. The solutions exist but a firm commitment from Governments, veterinary schools and the veterinary profession is urgently required.

All these issues were addressed during the Seminar about the new demand of the society for the veterinary profession that the OIE organised during the Congress. It brought together high level representatives of the FAO, the Delegates of OIE Member Countries, public and private veterinarians, scientists, risk managers, industry and NGOs representatives.

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