This book outlines the history of the surveillance and control of the major transmissible diseases (sheep pox, foot and mouth disease, anthrax, glanders, contagious bovine pleuropneumonia, rinderpest, rabies, tuberculosis, and ecto- and endoparasitic disease), as well as wildlife diseases. A chapter of about twenty pages is devoted to each of these subjects. It deals successively with symptomatology (clinical descriptions, incubation, experimental diagnosis), lesions, aetiology and pathogenesis, epidemiology (contagiosness and modes of contagion, susceptible species, virulent material), sanitary prophylaxis (general hygiene, isolation, slaughter, destruction of virulent material), medical prophylaxis, treatment and sanitary regulation. Advances in knowledge and theories concerning each of the above points are studied from Antiquity up until the 19th century, with detailed bibliographic references. The book also contains a chronology of the main works and authors cited, as well as notes on the diseases studied. There is a colour plate illustration for each chapter.