M. Martini, M. Fenati, M. Agosti, R. Cassini, M. Drigo, N. Ferro, C. Guglielmini, I. Masiero, M. Signorini & R. Busetto

Summary (continued)

The first results show that the main disorders were digestive (21%), dermatological (18%) and cardiovascular (11%) among 1,087 diagnostic records in dogs, and digestive (23%), dermatological (15%) and urinary (14%) among 289 diagnostic records in cats. The main causes of death are represented by cardiovascular (21%) and gastrointestinal (21%) diseases in dogs and by urinary (31%) disorders in cats. At present, no institutional surveillance system for companion animal health exists in Italy, and veterinarians joining this project and sharing the outcomes of their clinical activity are acting on a voluntary basis.