Summary (continued)
With respect to the FMD status of a country, the economic criterion was considered more important in ‘FMD-free’ countries (countries where an FMD outbreak had not been reported to the OIE in the ten years prior to the survey) than in ‘FMD-experienced’ countries (countries where an FMD outbreak had been reported to the OIE within the same period). The median relative importance scores of FMD-experienced countries and FMD-free countries were 80 (range 50–95) and 95 (range 40–100), respectively. Regarding the percentage contribution of the agriculture sector to a country’s gross domestic product, a statistically significant difference was not found between countries and indicators. In the future, the current survey of the relative importance of criteria and indicators should facilitate a transparent discussion on the implications of FMD control strategies and rapid response during an FMD outbreak.