Summary (continued)
The preparation of the new batch began in 2012 and, in contrast to the previous batch, three commercial inactivated rabies vaccines based on the most frequently used vaccine strains (Pasteur Virus and Flury Low Egg Passage) were selected for the immunisation of dogs in accordance with OIE guidelines. In 2013, calibration was completed through an inter-laboratory test involving five OIE Reference Laboratories for Rabies with the Second World Health Organization (WHO) International Standard for Anti-Rabies Immunoglobulin being used as a reference standard in this calibration. After statistical analysis of the results, the consensus titre was established as 5.59 IU/ml. The technical and statistical data were submitted to the OIE for assessment. In February 2014, the OIE Biological Standards Commission adopted this serum as an OIE-approved standard reagent for rabies serology.