These proceedings incorporate the text of the 26 papers presented by internationally renowned experts. These manuscripts confirm the essential role of VSBs in regard to veterinary registration and accreditation of Veterinary Education Establishments, at national, regional, and global level, and support the OIE guidelines promoting quality veterinary education. They also confirm the need for sustainable investment in veterinary education to strengthen the performance of the national Veterinary Services and to meet the growing demand for qualified veterinarians.

Applying OIE standards and recommendations on Veterinary Education and VSB’s ensures quality in the delivery of professional services, increases credibility of the Veterinary Services and contributes to the development of good governance
Veterinary Education and the Role of the Veterinary Statutory Body
Ensuring excellence and ethics of the Veterinary Profession
Proceedings of the OIE Global Conference, Foz do Iguazu, Brazil, 4-6 December 2013

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