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Plurithematic issue
Scientific and Technical Review 25 (3)

Author(s) : OIE; Ed.: 2006

Summary :

Volume 25 (3) of the Scientific and Technical Review contains 25 articles submitted by experts from all parts of the world. The articles describe different animal disease surveillance strategies and control and eradication of important animal diseases. The economic impact of animal diseases on global trade is also studied, and the epidemiology of different diseases is described in various countries. Veterinary public health organisational models and veterinary diagnostic laboratory quality control are also discussed. The Review also constitutes a unique vehicle for the publication of reports on the situation of various animal diseases in the world, in particular in countries whose animal health situation receives little or no publicity otherwise.

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R25(3) TRILINGUAL BOOK 50.00 € Available 

Free access to the PDF version of each paper can be obtained by clicking on its title and then on the PDF link at the bottom left-hand side of the box.

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