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Product title :

Atlas of Transboundary Animal Diseases

Author(s) : P. Fernandez, W. White, revised English ed. 2016; éd. fr 2012 ; ed. esp. 2011

Summary :

The Atlas of Transboundary Animal Diseases, the OIE's bestseller,  is intended to assist Veterinary Service field staffs involved in animal disease surveillance and diagnostics in identifying important transboundary diseases of livestock. The focus of this publication is on key images of clinical signs and post mortem lesions associated with 29 OIE notifiable animal diseases supplemented by basic disease information from the OIE technical disease cards. Input for this consolidated reference volume comes from OIE's global network of veterinary epidemiologists and diagnostic experts and the support of APHIS-USDA. The revised edition is available in English.

Centre of interests :

  • African horse sickness
  • African swine fever
  • Bluetongue
  • Bovine babesiosis
  • Classical swine fever
  • Contagious bov. pleuropneumonia
  • Dourine
  • Equine piroplasmosis
  • Foot and mouth disease
  • Glanders
  • Haemorrhagic septicaemia
  • Heartwater
  • Highly path. avian influenza
  • Japanese encephalitis
  • Lumpy skin disease
  • Malignant catarrhal fever
  • N. w. screwworm (C. hominivorax)
  • Newcastle disease
  • O. w. screwworm (C. bezziana)
  • Peste des petits ruminants
  • Rabbit haemorrhagic disease
  • Rift Valley fever
  • Rinderpest
  • Sheep pox and goat pox
  • Swine vesicular disease
  • Theileriosis
  • Transboundary animal diseases
  • Trypanosomosis (tsetse-transmitted)
  • Venezuelan equ.encephalomyelitis
  • Vesicular stomatitis

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