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Veterinary institutions in the developing world: current status and future needs
Scientific and Technical Review 23 (1)

Author(s) : C. de Haan; Ed.: 2004

Summary :

Veterinary institutions in the developing world need to adapt to the challenges of the increase in animal production (scale and intensity) and trade and in the movement of animals and products of animal origin, all of which significantly increase the threat of animal disease and zoonosis transmission. This adaptation of Veterinary Services will be carried out in the context of the important changes in the public and private sectors that have taken place in recent years: changing concepts regarding the role of government resulted in budget cuts and reduced support for the large number of tasks that the public Veterinary Services traditionally performed. The greater focus of national and international policy-makers on reducing poverty in the developing world also added another dimension to the role of animal health services. All these different trends, led to a change in the division of responsibilities between public and private service providers and between the professional (university educated) and para-professional levels. 


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