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The economics of animal disease control
Scientific and Technical Review 18 (2)

Author(s) : B.D. Perry; Ed.: 1999

Summary :

This special issue on the economics of animal disease control is a wide-ranging review of the use of economics in decision-making related to animal disease control and improved animal health. Economics plays an important role in everyday life and decisions. Although economic criteria are regularly used in such decisions, as well as those related to industry and trade, there is sometimes a degree of hesitation before economics are taken into account in decisions concerning investment in animal health programmes. For many with a traditional veterinary background, preference is often given to the use of biological criteria of efficacy and expected outcomes. However, the challenge for the future is to develop an appropriate balance between the biophysical and economic criteria in rational decision-making. This is particularly important for countries contemplating major disease control or eradication programmes, to relieve the burden of a given disease on livestock production, or to open avenues to increased trade in a particular livestock product.

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