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Contamination of animal products: prevention and risks for animal health
Scientific and Technical Review 16 (1)

Author(s) : P. Sutmoller; Ed.: 1997

Summary :

The first two issues of Volume 16 form a set entitled: Contamination of animal products. Issue 16 (1) addresses the risks to animal health of contaminated animal products, while the second issue, Volume 16 (2), is devoted to the examination of hazards to human health from the consumption and use of animal products. As the premier international organisation for animal health, it is not only fitting that the OIE has conducted this study of food safety issues in relation to livestock products, but it is also timely.

The safety of food of animal origin for human consumption has become an essential part of the public health debate both within countries and among them. As international trade increases, the issue of equivalence of food safety systems becomes more significant and risk assessment methods to evaluate this become more critical.

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