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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Characterisation of a monoclonal antibody against Trypanosoma evansi and its application for detecting circulating antibodies

Author(s) : C.M. Monzón

Summary :

Monoclonal antibodies were obtained against Trypanosoma evansi. The 2-4F6 IgM monoclonal antibody (Mab) was chosen for the study because of its ability to detect antigens and its specificity (as it did not recognise T. cruzi, T. equiperdum, Babesia equi or B. caballi). The immunoblot test revealed that the 2-4F6 IgM Mab recognises epitopes in two antigenic bands, one measuring 85 kDa and the other 122 kDa. An immunoassay for antigen detection in serum using polyclonal antibodies for capture, the Mab 2-4F6 as primary antibody and an antimouse IgM as secondary antibody gave positive results in 10 of the 11 equidae infected with T. evansi, whereas 20 controls gave negative results. These research results show that the Mab 2-4F6 and the antigen it recognises are useful in identifying equidae infected with T. evansi.

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