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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

An estimation of the economic impact of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia in Africa

Author(s) : N.E. Tambi, W.O. Maina & C. Ndi

Summary :

Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (CBPP) is a disease that causes high morbidity and mortality losses to cattle. The financial implications of these losses are of great significance to cattle owners. Control of CBPP is therefore important as a way to salvage the losses and increase the incomes of cattle owners. This study estimated the economic cost of CBPP and the benefits of its control in twelve sub-Saharan African countries using a spreadsheet economic model developed in Microsoft Excel®. The value of morbidity and mortality losses was estimated at 30 million euros (2.5 million per country) while the total economic cost (direct and indirect production losses plus disease control costs) was estimated at 44.8 million euros (3.7 million euros per country). An investment of 14.7 million euros to control CBPP would prevent a loss of 30 million euros. The financial return on investment in CBPP control is positive, with benefit-cost ratios that range from 1.61 (Ghana) to 2.56 (Kenya).

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