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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Diagnostic procedures after completion of oral immunisation against classical swine fever in wild boar

Author(s) : V. Kaden, M. Kramer, B. Kern

Summary :

The purpose of this paper is to define diagnostic procedures for wild boar after the completion of oral immunisation against classical swine fever (CSF). Epidemiological analysis of CSF in wild boar in Germany demonstrated that it is vital to carry out virological investigations on all animals found dead, sick or involved in traffic accidents. In principle, this should ensure an effective and prompt diagnosis of CSF. In addition, a defined number of wild boar, especially young animals = 6 months old, should also be tested for CSF virus to guarantee a high confidence level in the virological monitoring. Which animals should be examined serologically depends on the age class investigated, the season in which vaccination was stopped and the period of time since completion of vaccination. Therefore, different serological procedures have been defined for different situations during the first three years after completion of oral immunisation.

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