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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Wildlife and emerging diseases

Author(s) : M. Artois, A. Caron, F.A. Leighton, C. Bunn & B. Vallat

Summary :

This article reviews the conditions that allow an infectious or parasitic pathogen to migrate from a wild reservoir to domestic animals and/or humans, and examines the possibility of a new disease emerging as a result. The review presents epidemiological mechanisms grouped into three principal models, illustrating them with examples: the intentional or accidental release of the reservoir host or pathogen; the exceeding of a numerical, ecological or behavioural threshold in the host populations and/or increased exposure of humans and domestic animals due to changes in behaviour; and lastly, an “adaptive” leap that ensures that a new host species finally succumbs to the pathogen and that it spreads among the conquered population. The authors examine the lessons to be drawn from such occurrences in terms of surveillance, prophylaxis and prevention.

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