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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

The implementation of traceability systems

Author(s) : S. Ammendrup & L.O. Barcos

Summary :

Traceability is a tool to help countries meet their objectives of controlling, preventing and eradicating animal diseases. This article sets out the required steps in a traceability system. Before designing a system of traceability, one must identify the different characteristics that need to be traced throughout the various steps in the food production chain. The interaction between different sectors in defining the objectives and the resulting needs of a traceability system is fundamental. A clear legal framework is also indispensable. European Union (EU) legislation requires identification and registration for cattle, pigs, sheep and goats. For intra-EU trade these animals must be accompanied by a health certificate providing information on their identity and health status. The required identification is harmonised on an EU-wide basis with the aim of ensuring traceability for veterinary purposes. Furthermore EU legislation requires that the traceability of food, feed and food-producing animals be established at all stages of production.

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