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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Food safety hazards that occur during the production stage: challenges for fish farming and the fishing industry

Author(s) : T. Håstein, B. Hjeltnes, A. Lillehaug, J. Utne Skåre, M. Berntssen & A.K. Lundebye

Summary :

Seafood derived from wild fish as well as farmed fish has always been an important source of protein in the human diet. On a global scale, fish and fish products are the most important source of protein and it is estimated that more than 30% of fish for human consumption comes from aquaculture. The first part of this paper outlines the hazards and challenges associated with handling fish during farming and capture. The authors describe infectious agents that cause disease in fish as well as humans, zoonotic agents, intoxications due to bacteria and allergies caused by the consumption of fish. Although only a few infectious agents in fish are able to infect humans, some exceptions exist that may result in fatalities. However, the greatest risk to human health is due to the consumption of raw or insufficiently processed fish and fish products.

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