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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Making better use of technological advances to meet stakeholder needs

Author(s) : M.J. Marshall, P.A. Roger & J.B. Bashiruddin

Summary :

Controlling transboundary diseases requires an inclusive and collaborative international approach. Decisions should be taken (and seen to be taken) on advice from multidisciplinary teams of scientists and representatives from all groups significantly affected by the disease (the ‘stakeholders’). Changes in trade and travel mean that, unless a new model is developed for disease prevention, there is a real possibility that transboundary animal diseases will become increasingly difficult to control. The traditional government approach of dealing almost exclusively with the commercial sector of the livestock industry is no longer sufficient, and new ways must be found to include all sectors, including ‘grey’ husbandry (fragmented, disparate groups whose involvement with animals may range from the legal and responsible to the unsanctioned and/or illegal).

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