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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

The design and implementation of effective epidemiological surveillance programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa

Author(s) : F. Bendali

Summary :

Livestock is one of the main sources of wealth in developing countries. The improvement of national herds and of their productivity through controlling the main diseases and preventing epizootics is a major objective in these countries. The organisation of surveillance systems is indispensable to proper animal health management, both nationally and internationally. Therefore, thanks to foreign assistance, developing countries have gradually established epidemiological surveillance networks, despite unfavourable contexts (poverty, lack of resources or infrastructureā€¦). To date, many networks are operating in satisfactory manner and produce tangible results. However, further efforts must be made to improve the quality of sanitary information produced, its performance and sustainability. This article discusses the context and motivations for the establishment of epidemiological surveillance networks in developing countries, especially in Africa, by describing some of their operational specificities and some results. Finally, it presents the example of a Mauritanian animal disease epidemiological surveillance network and its role in managing a health crisis.

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