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Product title :

A review of recent unexpected animal disease events in Japan and Korea and the follow-up action taken

Author(s) : Y. Ozawa, S. Makino, J.Y. Park, J.H. Chang, J.H. Kim & S.H. An

Summary :

In Japan, the need to improve countermeasures against biological weapons was recognised after the Aum Shinrikyo cult attempted to use biological weapons in 1995. This paper describes how the two relevant ministries in Japan worked together to cope with recent disease outbreaks, including cases of classical swine fever (CSF) and avian influenza, which evidence suggests might have been the result of the deliberate misuse of unauthorised vaccines that had been illegally imported. By implementing successful control measures the two ministries were able to eradicate all the diseases within very short periods. In the past few years, the Republic of Korea has also experienced outbreaks of foot and mouth disease, highly pathogenic avian influenza, and CSF, all of which had previously been absent (or had been eradicated) in Korea. A review of the historical background, major events of the outbreaks and the control measures which were implemented are presented here.

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