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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Accidental and intentional animal disease outbreaks: assessing the risk and preparing an effective response

Author(s) : M. Hugh-Jones & C.C. Brown

Summary :

Intentional animal disease outbreaks are infrequent, if not rare, yet they carry the potential for disastrous consequences. Normal but accidental outbreaks are not uncommon and they must be handled efficiently, effectively and economically. And whatever its origin a disease will then follow its usual epidemiology. Therefore, the effectiveness in dealing with the normal, and the practice, experience and confidence gained, will significantly aid a country in how it minimises the cost of an intentional disease outbreak. The response is what determines the financial and economic costs of a disease outbreak. This paper provides an overview of the various threats, targets, and possible government responses, all of which is then expanded upon in detail in the other papers in this issue of the Review.

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