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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Ranking control options for tropical theileriosis in at-risk dairy cattle in Tunisia, using benefit-cost analysis

Author(s) : M. Gharbi, A. Touay, M. Khayeche, J. Laarif, M. Jedidi, L. Sassi & M.A. Darghouth

Summary :

An economic evaluation of various control programmes against Theileria annulata infection was conducted on a sample of 49 Tunisian dairy farms where clinical cases of tropical theileriosis had been recorded during the summer. Indicators of morbidity and the prevalence of infection, as well as production and demographic indicators (recorded in the present survey or taken from secondary sources), were used to rank the potential costs and benefits of various control programmes for tropical theileriosis over a time horizon of 15 years. Three options were considered, i.e. vaccination with a local attenuated cell-line vaccine; partial barn upgrading, based on first roughcasting then smoothing all the walls of the animal premises (inner and outer surfaces); and applying acaricides to control the vector tick population on the cattle.
Benefit-cost analysis – Bovines – Control – Economic analyses – Theileria annulata – Ticks – Tunisia.

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