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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Establishing a European network for wildlife health surveillance

Author(s) : T. Kuiken, M.-P. Ryser-Degiorgis, D. Gavier-Widén & C. Gortázar

Summary :

Surveillance of wildlife health in Europe remains informal and reporting wildlife diseases is not yet coordinated among countries. At a meeting in Brussels on 15 October 2009, delegates from 25 countries provided an overview of the current status of wildlife health surveillance in Europe. This showed that every year in Europe over 18,000 wild animals are examined as part of general surveillance programmes and over 50,000 wild animals are examined in the course of targeted surveillance. The participants at the Brussels meeting agreed to set up a European network for wildlife health surveillance. The goals of this network, which was established in February 2010, are to improve procedures for the rapid exchange of information, harmonise procedures for investigation and diagnosis of wildlife diseases, share relevant expertise, and provide training opportunities for wildlife health surveillance.
Europe – General surveillance – Information exchange – Network – Procedure harmonisation – Targeted surveillance – Training – Wildlife health.

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