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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Zoning and compartmentalization as risk mitigation measures: an example from poultry production

Author(s) : L. Ratananakorn & D. Wilson

Summary :

This paper discusses the application of compartmentalisation in the Thai commercial poultry industry. The concept was adopted to address Thailand’s inability to export fresh poultry meat because of endemic avian influenza. Owing to the nature of compartmentalisation, implementation required a strong partnership between government and the private sector (the Thai poultry exporters). The paper describes the processes implemented to ensure that appropriate risk mitigation measures were in place and to guarantee the continued biosecurity of the compartments. Other Members of the World Organisation for Animal Health may be able to adapt the compartment system used in Thailand to their own similar situations and the formal international recognition of such systems would be beneficial.
Biosecurity – Compartmentalisation – Partnership – Poultry production – Risk mitigation – Thailand – Zoning.

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