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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Current and predicted trends in the production, consumption and trade of live animals and their products

Author(s) : C. Narrod, M. Tiongco & R. Scott

Summary :

Changes in livestock production, driven by both demand- and supply-side factors, have been significant worldwide. Though historically the developed world was a large supplier of meat and livestock for the developing world, the developing world has rapidly increased production and is meeting more of its growing domestic demand. Many regions of the developing world, however, do not produce enough currently to meet their domestic demand and continue to import more than they produce. There are exceptions, such as Brazil, Thailand, the People’s Republic of China and India, where growth in livestock production has been rapid. It is anticipated that in the future many of the developing countries will increase domestic production to meet growing domestic demand. By 2030, beef will probably still be the most significant meat import of developing countries and milk will have more than doubled as a net export of the developed world.
Breeding stock – Livestock – Livestock product – Meat consumption – Milk consumption – Projections – Trade.

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