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Excerpt of product info
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The World Veterinary Association and animal welfare

Author(s) : .D. Edwards & H.P. Schneider

Summary :

The World Veterinary Association, as the global representative of the veterinary profession, recognises the global influences on animal welfare and the changing role of the veterinarian in response to the changing attitudes of the human population. While urban populations are now dictating animal welfare standards, many practices still have a cultural and even religious basis. Veterinarians recognise these influences, but base their recommendations for animal welfare on scientifically justified practices. Veterinarians work not only for urban clients with their companion animals, but also very importantly with rural clients who provide the source of animal-based foodstuffs and goods sought by an increasingly demanding human population. The controversial areas of intensive animal production and the transportation that is required to move large numbers of animals around the world require veterinary supervision to ensure that animal welfare is preserved. The development of animal welfare standards is an ongoing process, with the major international effort being led by the World Organisation for Animal Health.

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