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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Functional genomics: tools for improving farm animal health and welfare

Author(s) : S. Hiendleder, S. Bauersachs, A. Boulesteix, H. Blum, G.J. Arnold, T. Fröhlich & E. Wolf

Summary :

The first genome sequence assemblies of farm animal species are now accessible through public domain databases, and further sequencing projects are in rapid progress. In addition, large collections of expressed sequences have been obtained, which will aid in constructing annotated transcript maps for many economically important species. Thus, the breeding of farm animals is entering the post-genome era. Functional genomics, defined as applying global experimental approaches to assess gene function, by using the information and reagents provided by structural genomics (i.e. mapping and sequencing), has become the focus of interest.

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