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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

The potential hazards of xenotransplantation: an overview

Author(s) : Y. Takeuchi, S. Magre & C. Patience

Summary :

Xenotransplantation, in particular the transplantation of pig cells, tissues and organs into human recipients, may alleviate the current shortage of suitable allografts available for human transplantation. This overview addresses the physiological, immunological and microbial factors involved in xenotransplantation. The issues reviewed include the merits of using pigs as xenograft source species, the compatibility of pig and human organ physiology, and the rejection mechanism and attempts to overcome this immunological challenge. The authors discuss advances in the prevention of pig organ rejection through the creation of genetically modified pigs, more suited to the human micro-environment. Finally, in regard to microbial hazards, the authors review possible viral infections originating from pigs.

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