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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Ostrich nutrition: a review from a Zimbabwean perspective

Author(s) : R.G. Cooper & J.O. Horbanczuk

Summary :

The ostrich is an important animal in many livestock industries and, in the developing world, the export of meat and skins is a valuable source of foreign currency. As the successful growth and reproductive performance of ostriches depends on good nutrition it is extremely important to provide the correct diet. Some researchers have incorrectly assumed that poultry diets are useful for ostriches, but the vitamin and mineral requirements of these birds are unique and their diets should never be substituted with poultry or other livestock feeds. Producers should be knowledgeable about how different ingredients provide the essential nutrients for growth and development. Adequate nutrition is key to good flock performance and more research into ostrich nutrition is required. In Zimbabwe, one of the greatest costs involved in the keep of ostrich breeder birds is purchased feed, which can cost approximately US$ 4,555 for every 10 birds per annum. In order to cover these costs, the producer needs to ensure an adequate supply of birds for slaughter.

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