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Product title :

Tuberculous lesions not detected by routine abattoir inspection: the experience of the Hossana municipal abattoir, southern Ethiopia

Author(s) : A. Teklu, B. Asseged, E. Yimer, M. Gebeyehu & Z. Woldesenbet

Summary :

The efficacy of the meat inspection procedures implemented for the detection of tuberculous cattle was evaluated by testing for bovine tuberculosis in 751 animals. The study involved routine inspection at slaughter, collection of tissues for detailed examination in the laboratory, and bacteriological investigation to identify Mycobacterium bovis. Of the 751 carcasses examined, 34 (4.5%) were found to have tuberculous lesions. Routine abattoir inspection detected only 29.4% of the carcasses with visible lesions. Eighty-four percent of the tuberculous lesions were found in the lungs and thoracic lymph nodes, 11.5% in the lymph nodes of the head, and the remaining 4.5% in the mesenteric and other lymph nodes of the carcasses. In addition, M. bovis was isolated from a carcass that presented no gross tuberculosis lesions. The low sensitivity of routine abattoir inspection demonstrates that existing necropsy procedures should be improved.

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