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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

The provision of animal health care to smallholders in Africa: an analytical approach

Author(s) : P. Van den Bossche, E. Thys, R. Elyn, T. Marcotty & S. Geerts

Summary :

Many of the problems associated with the delivery of quality veterinary services to smallholders in Africa are attributed to the complexity of the provision of animal health care (AHC) in sub-Saharan Africa. In this region, a holistic and analytical approach is needed to determine area-specific requirements for sustainable, and thus quality, AHC. This study examines three components of the animal health care system in sub-Saharan Africa, namely, the structure, the process and the outcomes. It focuses particularly on the factors that contribute to the quality of the structure and the process. For this purpose, two measures of quality are used, i.e. availability (in relation to the structure) and acceptability (in relation to the process). The authors identify factors that affect the availability and acceptability of AHC and suggest ways in which they, and hence the quality of AHC provided to smallholders in Africa, can be improved.

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