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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

An investigation into the source and spread of foot and mouth disease virus from a wildlife conservancy in Zimbabwe

Author(s) : S.K. Hargreaves, C.M. Foggin, E.C. Anderson, A.D.S. Bastos, G.R. Thomson, N.P. Ferris & N.J. Knowles

Summary :

African buffalo were introduced into a wildlife conservancy in the southeast of Zimbabwe in an effort to increase the conservancy’s economic viability, which is primarily based on eco-tourism. The buffalo were infected with SAT serotypes (SAT-1, SAT-2 and SAT-3) of foot and mouth disease (FMD) virus, and in order to isolate the conservancy and prevent the transmission of FMD to adjacent populations of domestic livestock, the conservancy was surrounded by a double-fence system, 1.8 m in height. The intention was to prevent the movement of both wildlife and domestic animals across the perimeter. However, two years after the buffalo were introduced, FMD occurred in cattle farmed just outside of the conservancy. Using serological and molecular diagnostic tests, epidemiological investigations showed that it was most likely that antelope (impala or kudu), infected through contact with the buffalo herd within the conservancy, had jumped over the fence and transmitted the virus to the cattle.

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