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Predicting the risk of bluetongue through time: climate models of temporal patterns of outbreaks in Israel

Author(s) : B.V. Purse, M. Baylis, A.J. Tatem

Summary :

Determining the temporal relationship between climate and epidemics of Culicoides-borne viral disease may allow control and surveillance measures to be implemented earlier and more efficiently. In Israel, outbreaks of bluetongue (BT) have occurred almost annually since at least 1950, with severe episodes occurring periodically. In this paper, the authors model a twenty-year time-series of BT outbreaks in relation to climate. Satellite-derived correlates of low temperatures and high moisture levels increased the number of outbreaks per year. This is the first study to find a temporal relationship between the risk of Culicoides-borne disease and satellite-derived climate variables.

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