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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

New partnerships between animal health services and public health agencies

Author(s) : L.J. King, N. Marano & J.M. Hughes

Summary :

As Veterinary Services and animal health organisations attempt to respond to a new era of emerging and re-emerging zoonotic diseases, their ability and skill in forming new strategic partnerships will be paramount. While these new partnerships are likely to include many relationships outside traditional Veterinary Services and animal agriculture, none will become more important than the formation of new animal health and public health partnerships. Episodes of emerging zoonoses are being increasingly recognised around the world and the confluence of people, animals and animal products today is unprecedented. Concurrently, a wide array of complex factors are also converging that will not only ensure the continuous emergence of zoonoses, but are also likely to drive the further increase and expansion of these diseases. This article discusses the need for the creation of more effective and co-operative partnerships in the face of new microbial threats, the complexity of both the formation and expansion of zoonoses, and the collective abilities of both human and animal health services to respond to them. Lessons learned from recent zoonotic epidemics support the need for co-ordinated research, interdisciplinary centres, integrated surveillance systems, response systems and infrastructures, and workforce development strategies. <br />

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