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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Food systems and the changing patterns of food-borne zoonoses

Author(s) : .A. MacKenzie, D.G. Allard, E. Perez & S. Hathaway

Summary :

This paper discusses food-borne zoonotic diseases by considering contemporary influences on food safety and examining pathogens at the human/animal interface. The authors also discuss the epidemiological surveillance of food-borne illnesses and the differences in disease statistics from one country to another. Before concluding with a number of recommendations, the paper highlights the importance of a collaborative approach to the prevention and control of food-borne diseases and discusses the need to co-ordinate the efforts of international agencies working in human health, animal health and food production. A regional case study is also included, in which the authors describe the food-borne disease situation in Latin America, as reported by surveillance systems in this region.

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