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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

The adjustment of curricula in veterinary faculties in sub-Saharan Africa

Author(s) : R. de Deken, M.J. Obwolo, E. Thys & S. Geerts

Summary :

A survey was conducted by questionnaire to assess the current undergraduate curricula in the veterinary faculties of sub-Saharan Africa. The survey also examined how such curricula are adjusted for crucial developments in the veterinary field, such as privatisation, decentralisation and globalisation, with the increasing risk of transboundary diseases. The results demonstrate that most of these faculties face serious shortages, both in their budgets and of qualified personnel. Most faculties do not have formal feedback systems to allow former graduates to contribute to periodic reviews of the curricula. Although some north-south and south-south collaboration exists among African veterinary faculties, more intensive regional collaboration at both undergraduate and postgraduate level would allow optimal use of the available funds and human resources. The creation of a regional veterinary council and a committee of deans would be an excellent step forward in ensuring internationalisation and harmonisation of veterinary education and establishing a regional accreditation system.

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