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Product title :

Privatisation of veterinary services in Jamaica: a case study

Author(s) : V. Lopez, F.C. Alexander & C.L. Bent

Summary :

Clinical veterinary services were privatised in Jamaica in September 1992. Using the limited official data, the authors briefly examine the premise and logistics behind transferring the responsibility for clinical services, which may be regarded as ‘a private good’, to private veterinary practitioners. There are indications that this privatisation model can work for farmers, despite financial problems in the livestock industry and a decline in production, caused by trade liberalisation policies and the substitution of cheaper imports. In addition, other national fiscal problems, such as a downturn in the economy, have left veterinarians attempting to boost production in a livestock industry which lacks adequate financial structuring and resources. The authors express concern that various unpublished projections since the last official agricultural survey in 1996 indicate that the livestock industry in Jamaica is diminishing. It is possible that valuable genetic breeding stock may never recover. A comprehensive study of the future of the livestock industry and its associated services is strongly urged. Ten years after the event, the authors reflect on the privatisation of clinical veterinary services in Jamaica and offer some suggestions to improve on the quality of the services offered by private veterinary practitioners.

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