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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Quality control of the private veterinary profession in the Netherlands

Author(s) : S.J. de Groot & T. de Ruijter

Summary :

It was as early as the 19th Century when attempts were first made to organise the veterinary profession in the Netherlands into a professional association. Since then, the Royal Veterinary Association of the Netherlands has developed into an organisation which fully promotes the interests of the profession. From the beginning, the issues of professional standards and veterinary legislation were given high priority, and codes of conduct were established with the aim of improving the quality of professional veterinary practice. Having some form of independent regulatory body has always been important for maintaining these professional standards, even if history has taught us that establishing such independent testing and sanctioning facilities is a laborious process that requires perseverance and patience. By organising the control of animal diseases and promoting public health (e.g. meat inspection), the veterinary profession has always had a key role to play in the food production industry, and quality control programmes that monitor the food production chain now make use of veterinary surgeons tested by external organisations. To avoid any semblance of a conflict of interest, a new organisational structure has been developed recently: the Veterinary Quality Organisation (VKO: Veterinair Kwaliteits Orgaan). The VKO maintains the register of qualified veterinarians, upholds standards and organises the independent quality control of the profession.

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