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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Combating foot and mouth disease in Brazil: private sector participation

Author(s) : R. Dubois & J.A. Moura

Summary :

The fact that cattle herds in Brazil are in such good health and that the meat on the domestic and international markets is safe and of high quality is largely due to the campaign to combat foot and mouth disease and to the improvements that this campaign has made in the organisation of the Brazilian bovine production industry. Launched in 1965, the campaign set itself ambitious objectives, but thanks to the direct participation of producer organisations it received the necessary support and funding. The results are reflected in the growing number of states – fifteen to date – that are internationally recognised as free from foot and mouth disease with vaccination. Thanks to the active participation of producers and of the entire production chain in foot and mouth disease eradication efforts, Brazil has risen to become a leading player in the international beef trade.

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