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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Synergies between veterinarians and para-professionals in the public and private sectors: organisational and institutional relationships

Author(s) : J.D. Woodford

Summary :

The delivery of veterinary services in most developing countries was, until recently, considered to be the responsibility of the public sector. However, over the past four decades, economic constraints and the imposition of structural adjustment policies (SAPs) have led to a gradual decline in public sector investment in real terms and thus a reduction in the quality and quantity of services available to livestock keepers. Many governments acknowledged that they were no longer able to provide services that were essentially of a ‘private good’ nature and introduced radical policy changes which sought to introduce the concepts of a market orientated approach towards agriculture and livestock production in particular. The role of government, in the future, would be to provide a reduced range of essential ‘public good’ services and to create a favourable environment in which the private sector could become established as a provider of ‘private good’ services and at the same time act as a partner in carrying out certain public functions under contract or ‘sanitary mandates’. In almost all developing countries, however, these policy changes were not accompanied by appropriate development strategies.

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