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Observations on little known diseases of camels (Camelus dromedarius) in the Horn of Africa

Author(s) : M.F. Dirie & O. Abdurahman

Summary :

The camel is a comparatively hardy animal and is less susceptible to many of the diseases that affect other livestock species in the same areas. Despite that, the camel may contract many other diseases, some of which are still unknown. Pastoralists have for centuries herded camels in the arid and semi-arid areas of Kenya, and elsewhere in the Horn of Africa, and they have encountered and named many new diseases. However, the exact causes of many of these illnesses, such as Lahaw-Gaal, Firaanfir, Laaba, Jajabsa and Yudleye remain unknown. This paper presents the observations of pastoralists on some of the diseases which have been found among camels in northern Kenya. These observations offer intriguing clues to modern veterinarians who are trying to establish and characterise the aetiology of the diseases and ultimately find effective treatments. The authors also provide examples of ethno-veterinary knowledge and practices that could be useful for the development of animal health and production in Africa.

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