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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

The construction and evaluation of a questionnaire to identify quantitative criteria for evaluating national Veterinary Services

Author(s) : Y. Tempelman, K.D.C. Stärk, M. Salman & U. Kihm

Summary :

This article presents the first part of a large-scale study aimed at developing a method for collecting standard information, based on quantitative criteria, about the national Veterinary Services of Member Countries of the OIE (World organisation for animal health). This information can then be used to assess such Veterinary Services in terms of quality and performance, or for accreditation. The study identified objective and relevant criteria for characterising Veterinary Services and an extensive questionnaire was developed, covering all aspects of the structures and functions of national Veterinary Services, which was sent to a broad range of OIE Member Countries. Each question and its answers were then evaluated and validated. In this way, 49questions suitable for obtaining quantitative criteria to describe Veterinary Services were identified. In the next step of the study, this complex set of data will be further analysed.

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