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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

The contribution of quality assurance to national veterinary structures in developing countries: the case of Africa

Author(s) : A.S. Sidibé

Summary :

Food safety has, within a few years, become an essential concern for producers and consumers, especially in Western countries, but also in Africa. African countries are increasingly aware of the issues involved, and of the need to react and to implement appropriate strategies in order to avoid public health risks and obstacles to their export markets. Most countries recognise that the overall sanitary quality of foodstuffs produced and distributed in the region must be improved. The OIE (World organisation for animal health) recommends that Veterinary Services attempt to improve the safety of animal products by establishing a framework of risk management, throughout the food chain, which will reduce risks by eliminating or controlling hazards during the first stages of processing. The activities of Veterinary Services, from the organisational, technical, financial and human resource points of view, must be guided by quality assurance considerations, pursuant to the standards laid down in the Terrestrial Animal Health Code of the OIE.

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