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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Guidelines of the OIE for the organisation of Veterinary Services and their relations with private-sector partners, with particular reference to developing countries

Author(s) : Y. Le Brun

Summary :

Developing countries are being confronted with changes in the international rules governing trade in animal products. At the same time, state control over Veterinary Services, which has been in place for many years, is gradually giving way to private-sector involvement. In light of these developments, the International Animal Health Code (the Code), must ensure that it includes guidelines that take into account the new role of private-sector professionals. Integrating these professionals into the national networks of Veterinary Services is vital for the improvement of the services. Moreover, the situation in the field in developing countries has at times given rise to the emergence of ‘alternative’ methods of veterinary care, whose uncontrolled development may be an obstacle to achieving the required levels of service provision. It is recommended that countries shun apparently attractive short-term solutions, and adapt their national legislation to allow for the gradual reform of their Veterinary Services, pursuant to international standards.

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