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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

The present and future organisation of Veterinary Services in Africa

Author(s) : A.S. Sidibé

Summary :

In Africa, for many people, breeding animals is at the heart of their culture. For the poorest families animals play a vital role in most aspects of daily life, providing food, income and a place in society. Moreover, for poor farmers, livestock are the main source of energy, as they are used for farming and for the transport of their products. Unfortunately, trans-border animal diseases remain, to this day, one of the main obstacles to the development of breeding in Africa. They bring about heavy losses, direct and indirect, to national herds and often cause public health problems as well. Regional and international trade in animals and animal products is hampered due to these diseases, which are also one of the main causes of poor performance in the breeding sub-sector and of the growing gap between supply and demand of meat and milk. The challenge of maintaining sustainable and competitive growth in animal production requires major improvements in production methods and animal health. Better animal health protection in turn, depends on national policies which confer upon Veterinary Services the responsabilities and organisational structures they once had, but which unfortunately have been withdrawn by structural adjustment policies.

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