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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Risk analysis: assessment, management and communication

Author(s) : S.C. MacDiarmid & H.J. Pharo

Summary :

Import risk analysis is now a well-established discipline which aims to assist Veterinary Services to answer the following questions: ‘What can go wrong?’, ‘How likely is it to go wrong?’, ‘What would be the consequences of it going wrong?’ and ‘What can be done to reduce either the likelihood or the consequences of it going wrong?’. Risk communication is that part of the overall process which, among other things, helps the decision-maker to determine whether a particular risk is acceptable or not. Good risk assessment and communication are dependent on clear formulation of the question to be answered. Scenario trees and influence diagrams are very useful tools in assessing and communicating risk. The authors outline the import risk analysis procedures adopted by the Veterinary Services of one Member Country of the OIE (World organisation for animal health).

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