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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

The economics of foot and mouth disease

Author(s) : A.D. James & J. Rushton

Summary :

The economic effects of foot and mouth disease (FMD) are summarised. Losses arise from the direct effects of the disease on production, costs of disease control and restriction of trade. Direct effects are of greatest importance in dairy and pig production systems. Costs of disease control, whether by stamping-out or vaccination are high. Even countries that are free of the disease incur prevention and emergency preparedness costs. The published studies indicate that where FMD eradication is feasible, this is the least-cost policy option, even allowing for the costs of prevention, emergency preparedness and the risk of outbreaks. Where eradication is not feasible, it is economically beneficial to protect high-producing livestock by vaccination. Vaccination of lower-producing animals may also be justified, especially where these animals produce milk or traction power, or where this would serve to protect high-producing livestock from disease challenge.

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