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Excerpt of product info
Product title :

Regional status and approaches to control and eradication of foot and mouth disease in the Middle East and North Africa

Author(s) : H.A. Aidaros

Summary :

The Middle East is regarded as the region of the world most heavily affected by foot and mouth disease (FMD). The situation in the Middle East and North Africa constitutes a threat to other regions of the world, especially Europe. Risk management differs between North Africa and the Middle East due to different epidemiological situations. In the Middle East, the national cattle population is the principal target of preventive vaccination. Vaccination is used as a tool for preventing economic losses due to the disease, rather than as a means to prevent the spread of the infection. In North Africa, as FMD occurs almost cyclically, management is more focused on emergency preparedness and limitation of the spread of the disease upon diagnosis, as well as on effective control measures based on quarantine and mass vaccination. To reduce future outbreaks of FMD in the countries of the two regions, a common strategic programme should be adopted, based on effective regional co-operation at many levels. This should be complemented by efforts to restructure and consolidate the national Veterinary Services.

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