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Investigation of haemorrhagic enteritis in pygmy hogs (Sus salvanius) from India

Author(s) : B.R. Shome, R. Shome, K.M. Bujarbaruah, A. Das, H. Rahman, G.D. Sharma & B.K. Dutta

Summary :

The pygmy hog is a representative of the smallest and rarest wild species of known living Suidae. This paper reports the investigation of haemorrhagic enteritis encountered amongst the pygmy hogs at the Research and Breeding Centre of the Pygmy Hog Conservation Programme, Guwahati, Assam, India. Three out of 68 pygmy hogs died of enteric infection. Post-mortem examination and bacteriological investigation of two out of the three animals that died revealed clostridial infection. The isolates harboured two plasmids of molecular weight 42.8 kilobases (kb) and 51.9 kb. Clostridium perfringens Type A positive for the beta2 toxin (cpb2) gene was detected by polymerase chain reaction. Sequence analysis of the partial alpha toxin (cpa) gene showed 98% to 100% homology with isolates from different geographical locations.
Alpha toxin – Beta2 toxin – Clostridium perfringens – Haemorrhagic enteritis – India – Polymerase chain reaction – Pygmy hog – Sus salvanius.

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